At WMOP, our goal is to give you confidence,

and give you your life back. We will walk you through the steps of the initial amputation, clear through the finishing of your custom device and detailed follow up our facility provides. With attention to detail, and treating every patient individually, WMOP’s practitioners and staff are ready to personalize your experience.

What to expect at WMOP:


The timeline for prosthetic intervention varies from patient to patient. Typically, the amputated limb is healed within 2 months after surgery. Disease process, skin condition, and self care all play important factors in the healing of the limb. We will guide you through the process and be by your side every step of the way.

Type of Prosthesis

WMOP has built thousands of prostheses, ranging from a very basic introductory prosthesis, clear up to microprocessor arms, knees and feet. Our founder and lead clinician, Doug Turner, has worn everything from wooden legs to his current electronic knee for the over 40 years he has been an amputee.

We take into account every aspect of your life, including activity level, stamina, and healing process, in conjunction with what your physician orders, to fabricate the perfect prosthesis for you. We make everything from start to finish right here at WMOP; when your device is finished, it will have been made with care and precision. Whether you are a grandmother wanting to play more with her grandkids, or an elite athlete wanting the edge, we can make the right prosthesis for you.

Why Western Montana Orthotics & Prosthetics?

Our practitioners have over 50 years of combined clinical experience in the Orthotics and Prosthetics profession. This means that we have a vast internal knowledge base to draw from in order to provide any patient with the most appropriate device for their specific needs. We continuously strive to remain on the cutting edge of all developing technologies.

A positive, engaging work environment has been incorporated into our office management, enabling all of the needs of our patients to be addressed in a prompt and professional manner. We provide unparalleled service and the most technologically advanced devices to our patients and referrals. Our commitment is to be the premier provider of Prosthetic and Orthotic care in Western Montana.